Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July Saipan Style

This 4th of July marks holiday #1 being away from home so I was not sure what to expect. In our family 4th of July is usually a big deal full of food, sun, an excessive amount of beer, and a bizarre mix of rednecks, explosives, and a gas station in Crouch, Idaho! Well Saipan did not live up to Crouch, Idaho...not even close, in fact I did not see one firework this 4th of July! I don't even know if you could buy fireworks in Saipan, never saw a stand on the island! Regardless of the lackluster we still had a nice day. We started our morning at the Liberation Day Parade. This parade consisted of a multitude of marching cultural groups and the entire island's fleet of emergency vehicles...which on an island this size was an EXCESSIVE amount! After the parade we went to one of our favorite restaurant/bars and enjoyed lunch on the ocean and a game of foosball. Unfortunately Nick had to work the evening shift so he wasn't able to partake in the lively celebrations! Thanks to some wonderful new friends I spent the evening at a big BBQ with a giant home made slip-n-slide and a rowdy game of contact soccer! Although Saipan was no Crouch, we still had a nice day and enjoyed spending time with friends!

This is Heather #2, she is married to the other PA from Idaho. This is Kevin, her hot date she brought along for the parade!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Pretty Woman

So I am not too sure about this blogging thing but like I said "I will try"!! This past week has flown by, I don't know where the days went! Last week started with me on the couch for a good two days. I got some type of GI bug and was out of commission!

Nick has been working late shifts which has allowed us to play all day and then he works until midnight. So this past week has been adventure filled!

Nick had his first day off Tuesday since returning to work so despite a lingering bug we headed out to Managaha, the little island off the coast of Saipan. One of the local tour companies offers a free shuttle for locals so we will definitely be taking advantage of the offer!Later in the week we ventured out to Forbidden Island. This was quite the hike! There were several spots along the way that had rope tied to sketchy rebar to help repel, fortunately no limbs were lost along this hike! Once we got down to the ocean it was amazing! The waves crash pretty violently into the shore but there are several large boulders that create a little cove and pools that are "safe" for swimming. We did a little snorkeling and saw a sea snake and the most amazing 80's colored fish!

We also explored another beach, Hidden Beach. There is almost a natural infinity pool created by the geology at hidden beach. The ocean is very deep and then there is a ledge and
the inlet becomes quite shallow. Because the ocean is so deep and pretty rough it creates huge waves that crash against a ledge and a few flat top rocks. I felt like I was staring at a camp fire...I could have sat there for hours and just watched the waves!! Maybe 5 minutes after we got to the beach a swarm of Japanese tourists 50+ showed up...all giggling and yelling, with their cameras around their necks; guess it wasn't so hidden after all! Fortunately they were only there for about 20 minutes while they stood in the water and had their pictures taken, of course while making a piece sign! One of the tourists thought it would be a great idea to walk out on one of the rocks in the middle of the cove to have his picture taken. I felt like I was at Yellowstone with the buffalo and the stupid tourists...I had to close my eyes because I thought I was going to watch this man drown. Huge waves regularly crash over this same rock and fortunately he had good timing and did not have a large wave wash him away! I need to learn idiot in Japanese!
And last but not least I must leave you with brave it gets really good after 29 seconds :)

We ate at a really shitty Indian food restaurant a few nights ago. The only redeeming factor was the awkwardly hilarious Indian/psuedo-American music videos! We couldn't stop singing this song after we left so Nick found it!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Back to the World WIde WeB

We finally have the interweb in the Box household! It only took an act of god and a letter from our rental agency's attorney...but we have internet! I will try and keep this thing updated and filled with photos!
Here are a few sunsets from our patio. The sunsets are breathtaking and we are very lucky to have a wonderful patio to enjoy them from!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Only an 8 hour day!

Since Nick took two weeks off to come home and help with the move he had to make up those hours the week before and after the move. Unfortunately he is stuck working 80 hours this week so I don't get to see much of him. We were so excited yesterday because he only had to work 8 hours so he got off at 4! I had stumbled upon the Pacific Island Club one morning as I explored the island solo and decided I must take Nick back. I felt like I was in a miniature tropical Disneyland!We stayed for happy hour and enjoyed an evening off! I ordered a strawberry pina colada but Nick liked it so much he had to order one too. The look on the waiters face when he handed it to me and Nick took it was too funny! He sat there thoroughly enjoying his foo-foo drink complete with umbrella and shrimp shaped orange :)

We wandered around the resort and enjoyed people watching. On the way out the door we were stopped by a family that Nick and seen in the ER. The Mom thanked Nick for taking care of their daughter and told him that she was doing much better! They were so appreciative and grateful to Nick. As we walked away I heard the little girl tell her dad "Dad, that was the man that was nice to me" It was pretty cute and very satisfying for Nick!

On our way home we explored a new restaurant...quickly becoming a new past time! It was a Vietnamese and it was excellent! For dessert we had a fried banana covered in tapioca and cherry syrup...mmmmm! So much for fat camp!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Sitting in the Internet Cafe as it Rains...

It is so hard to believe we have been here for almost one week! I feel like I just got here yesterday. This past week has been wonderful, full of adjustments and settling in and if it has been any indication of what our time here is going to look like...I can't wait! Saturday morning we stopped by the market and bought some vegetables. A large bag of random veggies for $1. I experimented with a stir fry and it turned out decent! I have never actually cooked okra before!After the market we headed to one of the few sandy beaches to hang out. The majority of the beaches are rocky and filled with coral, so you have to have shoes and be cautious. We met many nice people and several other hospital employees.

This is one of the doctors and his daughter...who is probably only 4 and rocks on the surf board!We have not encountered too many bugs since we have been here...until yesterday! They all came out at once! I picked Nick up at work at 8pm and came home to our front door covered with bugs AND a lizard, who helped himself into our house! I wasn't quick enough with my camera but it was pretty funny to watch Nick try and catch him!After dinner we took the trash out and on the wall of the apartment complex was the biggest grasshopper creature I have ever seen!! The pictures do not do it justice but it was about the size of my hand maybe larger.

This is my Asian tourist impersonation with the grasshopper monster. Earlier in the evening I was stopped by a group of Japanese tourists down town. They all started yelling at me and pointing to their cameras??! I had my picture taken with three of them! So embarrassing!
Got to love the sunset from our patio!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

We've made it!

We have made it safely to Saipan!! We flew in late Tuesday night and have spent the past several days exploring the island and settling into our new home. The island is beautiful and the people are very friendly. We are sure in for an adventure! I will use this blog to post pictures and short updates of our adventures. We will have internet and a land line set up next week so I will be able to keep this updated much better then!